Using evidence to find out what matters to families so that we can ensure our services are responsive to client needs

Program evaluation snapshots
Thursday 26 July, 1110 – 1120


Shae Johnson
Drummond Street Services

Beth McCann
Drummond Street Services

In late 2016 Drummond Street Services launched an in-house evaluation to assess the effectiveness of its family mental health services across all sites in Melbourne. The evaluation uses multi-measure questionnaires to assess outcomes across six domains of individual and family well-being:
• Adult Psychological Health
• Child Emotional Wellbeing and Behaviour
• Parenting and Family Functioning
• Couple/Co-parent Relationship
• Financial Hardship
• Community Connectedness

Baseline data from this evaluation has revealed valuable information about the needs of contemporary families living throughout Melbourne. Importantly this evaluation data can be linked to risk factors present for families at the commencement of service to further enhance our understanding of what matters to families and how we can best respond to their needs.
Our research team has then worked to ensure the findings inform both program delivery and practice.
This presentation will provide evidence on issues facing families and how our services across Melbourne have responded to this evidence in order to promote client wellbeing.