Understanding our impact: Relationships Australia Victoria’s journey towards outcomes-focused thinking

Program evaluation snapshots
Wednesday 25 July, 1150 – 1200


Anastasia Pana
Relationships Australia Victoria

At Relationships Australia Victoria, we have undertaken a bold project to articulate our “theory of change” and shape our culture around client need, evidence and evaluation. “What matters most to families in the 21st century?” – we have explored this very question by combining widespread consultations, literature on evidence-based practices, sector trends and changing client contexts with a goal to improving outcomes for families.

This project has explored some of the key trends that will impact our sector’s engagement with families going forward. These trends include evidence-informed practice, a focus on outcomes, authentic engagement and a focus on clients. Through this process we have collectively articulated what about our work is important and why: “Strengthening families and relationships to improve outcomes for individuals, families and communities now and into the future”.

The result is a shared understanding and tangible outcome domains to measure our success. This will require gathering data about what is working and what is not, and communicating this across the organisation. Our intended social impact now needs to be reinforced at all levels. Our implementation plan involves designing our service delivery in a way that best meets the needs of families and maximises outcomes. The project has informed our clinical governance frameworks, practice manuals, and overall approach to evidence-informed practice and evaluation.

This presentation will discuss our journey towards outcomes-focused thinking, and our strong belief that this will improve outcomes for families.