Supporting newly arrived families through flexible and tailored settlement service delivery: The National Settlement Services Outcomes Standards

Service design snapshots
Wednesday 25 July, 1420 – 1430


Nicholas Tebbey
Settlement Council of Australia

The Settlement Council of Australia (SCOA) represents over 80 settlement agencies nationally. These settlement agencies are involved in providing support to families as they adapt to life here and are often the first contact newly arrived migrants and refugees have with Australia. As such, settlement agencies play an important role in fostering a sense of belonging and ensuring that family and social support is delivered in a relevant, effective and culturally sensitive manner.

SCOA’s focus is on ensuring effective settlement outcomes and creating the foundation for a successful life in Australia for all migrants who make their homes here. Settlement is multifaceted and complex and effective settlement is not an economic process alone. It also has social and personal elements.

A key objective of SCOA in recent years has been to develop a set of national standards for the delivery of settlement services which identify target outcomes across nine key areas of settlement service delivery, including Family and Social Support. This standard aims to achieve a society where newly arrived families are supported to establish and maintain meaningful relationships and overcome unique issues and vulnerabilities that may impact their settlement.

This presentation will examine this Settlement Standard with reference to the hard work of the settlement sector in ensuring that all newly arrived refugee and migrant families are supported to achieve the best possible settlement outcomes, laying the necessary foundations for families to thrive in 21st century multicultural Australia.