Research into Policy

Working Together: Government, Philanthropy and Research: The Early Years Initiative in Western Australia
Friday 27 July, 0930 – 0950


David Ansell
Co-Director Policy, CoLab. Telethon Kids Institute

In this presentation David will discuss the issues that the Early Years Initiative is seeking to address, an overview of the evidence behind its establishment and the strategic approach to achieving its goals.

The Early Years Initiative is underpinned by research that shows that population-level outcome change for vulnerable children will not result from the implementation of a single program, but rather from a portfolio of services and community programs tailored to suit the individual needs of communities. Translating this research finding into practice is complex! Services and community programs can be poorly coordinated and there is rarely an overarching plan for each community shared by policymakers, service providers and the community.

What could be achieved if there was integrated evidence based plan in a community? How would you do it? How does the existing research on place-based initiatives come together with Government policy approaches and public sector reform?

The EYI is seeking to find the answers to these questions. It will design, test and evaluate new evidence-based and -informed service delivery, community capacity building and partnership models involving community leaders, all levels of government, researchers, business and philanthropy.