Data Exchange – Innovative Outcomes Reporting

Program Evaluation Snapshots
Wednesday 25 July, 1200 – 1210


Robert Stedman
Department of Social Services

The Data Exchange began in 2014 to streamline the collection of performance data for Department of Social Services (DSS) grant-funded organisations. Since then, its scope has grown due to its ability to capture client pathways and outcomes, as they move across programs over time; a success that will likely expand use of the Data Exchange as the leading performance data collection platform for social services in Australia.
This presentation will outline the Data Exchange reports, demonstrating the value of these insights in the development of social policy aimed at improving the lives of families. As these datasets mature over time, this will provide further opportunities for the research community and community sector to engage with the Data Exchange.
Data is more relevant and powerful with context. Therefore, the Data Exchange reports actively incorporates national public data sets alongside its own, including those managed by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).
Interactive reports allow for insights from both a service provider and policy development perspective, such as:
 Changes in client outcomes over time, across activities, demographics and geographic location;
 Innovation in service delivery, as organisations become confident in using data to improve practices; and
 Changes to the characteristics of social service programs over time, including client demographics, welfare payments and long-term outcomes.
Visibility of such data has and will continue to inform the evolution of social policy, to better understand and respond to the needs of individuals, families and communities.