Preventing and responding to conflict and violence: A Family Life Education Perspective

What matters in Australian Family life education and support?
Wednesday 25 July, 1210 – 1230


Darryl Higgins
Australian Catholic University

While it is important to consider the positives of preparing for relationships, and supporting transitions in family life such as parenting, there is unequivocal data to show many families and relationships are characterised by conflict and violence. A significant minority of both registered marriages and cohabiting partnerships end up separating, divorcing and experiencing ongoing conflict and violence. Part of the task of presenting an integrated view of family life education is to understand and enliven the policy levers to provide a preventative approach where possible, and the service system and policy responses when such problems emerge.
In this session, we explore some of the reasons for the somewhat disconnected approach to prevention and responses to violence and conflict in interpersonal relationships, and set out ideas for improving the provision of knowledge and skills for positive, safe, and supportive family life in the Australian context.