Poster Program

This poster program is subject to change.
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Poster Number Presenter Poster Title Presentation Day/Time
1 Ashlee Borgkvist ‘I’ve got flexibility around my flexible arrangement too’: How men use flexibility differently Wednesday 1300
3 Allison Byrnes Am I allowed to love you? Parental alienation behaviour and its impact on the child Wednesday 1300
4 Riyad Rahimullah Barriers affecting client participation in relationships counselling Wednesday 1300
12 Mich Gador-Whyte Eheadspace— an innovative, national youth mental health and wellbeing service for adolescents and families. What have we learned so far? Wednesday 1300
13 Jackie Brien Exercising ‘choice’ and ‘control”:
Supporting families with young children with disability in the context of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
Wednesday 1300
19 Lena Bisognin Holding the other in mind Wednesday 1300
21 Maree Sirois Impact of service life on defence partner employment Wednesday 1300
22 Jennifer Ayton Listen to us: From narrative to art-translating mothers’ and fathers’ stories of breastfeeding into visual art forms Wednesday 1300
31 Carol Abery Responding to what families want in EVERY program— Parents building solutions, developing real world evidence for co-designed program delivery Wednesday 1300
32 Alisha Heidenreich Screened but not heard: The importance of bringing children’s voices into the room when parents present for non-parenting services Wednesday 1300
45 Allison Byrnes What role does occupational therapy in community-based family services?
Reflections on an integrated therapy approach for children who have experienced trauma
Wednesday 1300
6 Karen Piscopo Beyond the violence: Listening to the voices of women and children Thursday 1230
7 Therese Mulcahy Challenging the conventional program approach by taking services to the places where families go Thursday 1230
8 Emma Gierschick Children with a disability – the most vulnerable yet invisible cohort in family violence planning and court orders Thursday 1230
11 Jade Purtell Early parenting amongst young people leaving care: Social, family and community influences on decisions about parenthood Thursday 1230
14 Rachel Goff Family and community: What matters most? A co-design approach to building responsive and supportive communities Thursday 1230
15 Zoi Triandafilidis Family matters: The ongoing importance of a family centred approach in a person centred world Thursday 1230
16 Anita Kochanoff From poverty to potential: Bringing the 2Generation approach to Australia Thursday 1230
24 Robyn Parker Measuring effectiveness in a multi-stream service delivery organisation—reporting on 18 months of outcomes Thursday 1230
27 Lianne Zimbler Pathways for families in the 21st century Thursday 1230
34 Zoi Triandafilidis Sharing is caring: Social support and carer wellbeing Thursday 1230
35 Zoi Triandafilidis Supporting family carers to achieve work-life balance through flexible working arrangements Thursday 1230
37 Cecily Strange The paradoxes of ‘being online’ for parents with young children Thursday 1230
40 Diana Kay To Aboriginal families affected by family violence an environment of respect and community connection is what matters Thursday 1230
41 Sue Leahy Understanding and reporting on outcomes that matter—lessons from an evaluation in a social benefit bond context Thursday 1230
42 Amy Duong Using data to strengthen the evidence base to better address family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia Thursday 1230
2 Marianne Taylor A steady start to school Friday 1245
10 David Coall Do grandparents influence parents’ decisions to vaccinate their children? A systematic review Friday 1245
18 Tim Gilley HIPPY Longitudinal Study: initial findings in the context of the national HIPPY program Friday 1245
20 Saumya Pant Home is where the heart is? Experiences and expectations of high skilled female marriage (love-) migrants Friday 1245
23 Merryl Sykes Mandatory accreditation of early childhood workers: Emerging voices from the field Friday 1245
26 Susan Tregeagle Open adoption from out-of-home care for non-Indigenous children Friday 1245
28 Michelle Townsend Pathways of Care Longitudinal Study: Design and Data Collection Friday 1245
39 Jane Reid This place I call home – children and young people talk about growing up in Queensland Friday 1245
30 Mary Randall Research in progress: How families experiencing vulnerability engage with voluntary family services in inner Gippsland Friday 1245
33 Michelle Townsend Self-harm and Australian children and young people: How schools and families can help Friday 1245
36 Maree Stanley The adaptability of playgroups; addressing what matters to families in the 21st century Friday 1245
38 Joanne Roff The significance of connection for children in statutory care Friday 1245
43 Shae Johnson What families value and want— Feedback from families after workshops and seminars Friday 1245
44 Cris Townley What matters to families in their choice of playgroups? Friday 1245