Parenting today in Victoria: What parents say about their parenting experience and the implications for policy

What matters most to parents: The evidence, opportunities, and policy implications
Wednesday 26 July, 1400 – 1420


Jan Matthews
Parenting Research Centre

Catherine Wade
Parenting Research Centre

The Parenting Today in Victoria survey, funded by the Victorian government Department of Education, is the first state-wide population-level survey of its kind. Aimed at exploring parents’ experiences, behaviours, concerns and needs, it allowed us to hear the voices of 2,600 Victorian parents telling us about their parenting practices and their relationships with their children. It explored parents’ engagement in their children’s education and learning, and where and how they access parenting information and programs. It also told us how much support parents feel they have, and how they are coping. Presented here are aspects of the findings, with a focus on parents’ information and advice seeking and their confidence in managing their children’s use of online technology.