Parenting education in Australia: A rapid evidence assessment update

What matters in Australian Family life education and support?
Wednesday 25 July, 1150 – 1210


Michelle Macvean
Parenting Research Centre

Parents play a pivotal role in nurturing the wellbeing of children and young people. Findings from systematic reviews suggest that parenting programs can improve outcomes for children and parents. In 2012, the Parenting Research Centre conducted a rapid evidence assessment (REA), which is a streamlined version of a systematic review, to determine the effectiveness of parenting programs that have been evaluated in Australia. A partial update of this REA was conducted in 2017 involving a search of four databases. Thirty-seven new papers were identified, including evidence for 20 programs that were not part of the 2012 REA. Programs were rated for effectiveness, and including the original and updated evidence, four programs were rated Well Supported and 26 were rated Supported.
In this presentation, outcomes and populations targeted by these programs are described, and gaps in the evidence are identified.