National to Local: Implementation to support practice

The National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health
Wednesday 25 July, 1448 – 1504


Helen Francis
National to Local Manager, Emerging Minds

The Emerging Minds National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health recognise that the best way to support child mental health is through early intervention and prevention. To do this, we need to build capacity and strength of our workforce so that they can better support parents to support the mental health outcomes of infants and children. It involves building an organisational and workplace culture that embraces a range of practices and attitudes that aim to keep the “mental health of the child in mind”. The National to Local team guides implementation strategies to support organisations to exam their policies, systems, supervision and practice to identify what is currently happening within an organisation so strategies and actions can be identified to keep the “mental health of the child in mind’. This can then create the chances needed to meet the challenge to provide the right service at the right time to families with vulnerabilities so that parenting can be supported, the effects of trauma and harm can be reduced, and the mental health of the child supported.