Models of belonging: Intergenerational care for families

Program evaluation snapshots
Wednesday 25 July, 1240 – 1250


Dr Jennifer Cartmel
Griffith University

Intergenerational programs are attracting increasing interest across the community. This paper reports about two case studies of two models of intergenerational programs with a particular focus on the benefits to learning and wellbeing for young and older persons.

The presentation will briefly describe the sites and discuss the features of the two models – a visiting campus model and a dual campus model. The main emphasis of the presentation will focus on the daily program as it impacts on children, older persons and their families. The program provided within the models includes a common educational curriculum across the generations. It is based on Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.

The discussion during this presentation will focus on the implications of participating in such a program for young children; older persons, particularly those experiencing dementia; and their families. This trial will contribute to policy and operational guidelines for family-friendly intergenerational care in the Australian context.