LSAC goes online: Improving engagement with young people through digital channels

Young people and technology
Friday 27 July, 0950 – 1010


Katrina Martin
Australian Bureau of Statistics

The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children, also known as Growing Up in Australia, commenced in 2004 when parents of approximately 5,000 babies and 5,000 4–5 year olds were recruited to the study. Now in 2018, the older cohort has turned 18. Our challenge is to keep these new adults engaged enough to remain in a study that their parents agreed to take part in 14 years ago.

One way the study is looking to engage with these young adults is to ask them to complete an online survey prior to the interviewer coming to see them for a face-to-face interview.

This session will focus on:

  • The consideration given to mode change and maintaining data consistency;
  • The selection of content and learnings from the Dress Rehearsal;
  • The process by which online survey participation was encouraged;
  • The in-home interview “mop-up” process if the online survey was not completed prior to the home visit; and
  • The results of the online survey in the current wave to date.