Informing future policy and service development for grandparent carers—accessibility, gaps and needs

Grandparents who care full time for their grandchildren
Wednesday 25 July, 1420 – 1440


Mark Liddiard
Curtin University

Grandparents caring for their grandchildren have only lately been the subject of attention from researchers and policy makers. There is a pressing need for further research around the needs of the grandparent carer population, specifically with a focus on the impact of service delivery and the broader policy context.
Curtin University have been undertaking research to explore and analyse the impact of currently available services and supports for grandparent carers. The research team have undertaken a mapping of the policy context and delivery framework in order to identify accessibility, gaps and duplications in supports and services to grandparent carers in Western Australia. The legislative frameworks that form part of this policy and service context have also been included in the mapping process to identify potential areas for legislative and policy change. Key service providers, both informal and formal, are also participating in interviews and focus groups to inform a mapping of best practice principles and processes.
The preliminary findings of this research will be discussed, along with their implications for both informing future policy and service development for grandparent carers and ensuring effective service systems are put into place to meet the needs of this growing and important group of carers.