Government Action

Working Together: Government, Philanthropy and Research: The Early Years Initiative in Western Australia
Friday 27 July, 0950 – 1010


Vicki Jack
A/Project Director, Early Years Initiative

The Early Years Initiative provides a framework to implement key elements of the Western Australian Government’s policy agenda, including the Supporting Communities policy, the findings of the Priority Service Review and the machinery of government reforms. In establishing the Early Years Initiative, the Western Australian Government has committed to enabling new approaches to

delivering and coordinating government services and testing new models of ‘place-based’ Governance. With this, it will re-purpose and refocus services and funding so that they are better aligned with community need.

In this presentation Vicki will provide an overview of how the Early Years Initiative has been established within Government so that all agencies participate in its Governance and operations. Vicki will describe how it is anticipated that the Early Years Initiative will contribute to Government policy directions.