From funding success to finding your service users: Navigating the leaving care system to provide support to eligible young people

Transforming policy reforms into practice in the statutory family ā€“ a case study of Victorian leaving care initiatives
Friday 27 July


Sandeep Varma

The Youthlaw Legal Pod Program began as an idea and a proposal – to provide free legal assistance to care leavers transitioning to independence in Victoria. This presentation will chart the development of the program from concept to practical delivery. It will discuss how Youthlaw navigated the system, established partnerships, identified the legal needs of young people leaving care, and developed a theory of change and evaluation model the ensure the program is impactful. The presentation will showcase some of the early results from the first cohort of young people in the program, and will argue that the key replicable features of the Legal Pod Program are its flexibility to respond to individual needs over the long term, its principle that the voice of young people with a lived experience of care needs to inform the program development and its built-in scalability.