Findings from the children and young people in separated families study

Family law
Friday 27 July, 1030 – 1050


Rachel Carson
Australian Institute of Family Studies

This paper presents key findings of the Children and Young People In Separated Parents Project. This qualitative study was commissioned and funded by the Australian Government, Attorney-General’s Department and conducted by the Family Law and Family Violence team at the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS). The research was aimed at investigating the experiences and needs of children and young people whose parents had separated and had accessed the family law system. It was comprised of in-depth, semi-structured interviews with 61 children and young people aged from 10 years to 17 years, and was supplemented by interviews with 47 parents of these children to understand the services accessed by the parents and the pathways used to resolve their family law matters. The research focused on children and young people’s experiences of these services and how the family law system may better meet their needs. This presentation will explore the rich insights from participating children and young people about the issues important to them in making post-separation parenting arrangements, and their experiences with, and reflections on, family law system services. The discussion will conclude with a snapshot of effective professional practice from the perspective of children and young people.