Families: What, So What, Now What?

Keynote address
Wednesday 25 July, 1000 – 1100


Nora Spinks
Vanier Institute of the Family, Canada

Families are the cornerstone of society and the engine of our economies.Diverse, complex and dynamic, families are vital to our personal health and well-being, workplace productivity and performance, and overall economic prosperity.

Families impact and are impacted by social, economic, environmental and cultural forces.

Understanding families, family life, and family experiences, expectations and aspirations is critical for effective evidence-based decision making, policies, programs and practices. People who study, serve and support families honour the past, understand the present and anticipate, plan and prepare for the future. Balancing evidence-based practice (stats) with practice-based evidence (stories) is critical to solving our complex problems. Learn how Canada is using evidence-based, evidence-informed and evidence-inspired decision making to implement innovative strategies and solutions, and effective policies and programs, and how they impact families and family life.