Families of tomorrow: Readying services for the future

Lunchtime Presentation
Friday 27 July, 1115 – 1235


Tamara White
Centre for Family Research and Evaluation

Nobody has a crystal ball that will tell us what the future holds, but we do know that the future holds uncertainty and change. The recent CSIRO Future Papers have made predictions on the increasing reliance of technology, new capabilities in artificial intelligence, as well as trends towards individuals having more control and personalisation of the services they access. Families will continue to change how they are defined, shifting expectations and roles within families. This will also mean ongoing changes in how families behave, the pressures families face and what families see as important. There are several challenges this presents for services including what role they will play in the lives of families, their expectations in terms of service delivery, and the role of technology in both prevention and intervention.

How can organisations ensure they are ready to meet these challenges and adapt to the rapidly changing context? Existing social norms and cognitive biases can make people and organisations resistant to change and can stand in the way of innovation adoption and flexible thinking in service design, delivery and evaluation. These barriers can prevent organisations from building the attributes of a learning system that is ready for change and can adapt. In this workshop, we will invite participants to reflect on these issues for their own context by providing interactive and practical exercises to share experiences, embed the understanding and prompt action planning in their own setting.