Exploring the impact of deployment to a combat zone: The impact of combat study

The Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme
Wednesday 25 July, 1440 – 1500


Ellie Lawrence-Wood
Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Jess Styles
Department of Defense

This presentation will provide the historical background and context to the development of the Impact of Combat Study. The Impact of Combat Study has followed up all individuals who participated in the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO) Prospective Health Study (including current and ex-serving ADF members), with the aim of examining the longitudinal trajectory and risk and protective factors for mental, physical, and social health and wellbeing. Up to four years have passed since this cohort of ADF members deployed to the MEAO. This study will provide important insight into how this cohort is doing now, including the long-term impact of deployment on psychological, biological and neurocognitive functioning. This presentation will provide details of the study progress to date and the complexities associated with following up ADF members over time. It will conclude with a discussion of the research questions that will be addressed by this study and the potential benefits to our deploying service personnel.