Essentials for Childhood: Where prevention of child-abuse is an essential element

What really matters? Rethinking how we value Australia’s children
Thursday 67 July, 1110 – 1130


Daryl Higgins
Australian Catholic University, Institute of Child Protection Studies

Professor Daryl Higgins, Director of the Institute of Child Protection Studies at the Australian Catholic University, will speak on how adopting a positive, goal-oriented aim of helping children thrive will achieve the population aim of improving the wellbeing of all children in Australia, while also addressing those who are experiencing abusive family environments and victimisation and abuse in organisations and other community settings.
He will review the latest child abuse prevention strategy outlined by the United States Centers for Disease Control, called Essentials for Childhood Framework. It focuses on community-led initiatives to promote safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments that help children grow up to be healthy and productive citizens. It has an intergenerational focus: so that they can grow into adults who in turn build stronger and safer families and communities for their children.
The benefits and potential downsides of using a strategy such as this to prevent child abuse and neglect in Australia will be discussed.