Ageing, older people and ageism – challenging assumptions about ageing and the role of older people in families and communities

Workshop: Understanding age matters in family matters
Thursday 26 July, 1030 – 1050


Marlene Krasovitsky
The Benevolent Society

Changing social patterns and demographics are revolutionising the traditional family. Today’s ‘modern families’ are substantially different to those of previous generations – in size, make-up, roles and responsibilities and assumptions about ‘age and stage’. With longer average lifespans than ever before, people are taking a more positive view of ageing. Increasingly, they are less likely to see middle and old age as a time when life slows down and are more likely to re-evaluate the status quo and seize new opportunities. It is changing a lot of the expectations for what you’re ‘supposed to do when’, including traditional roles for older people within families.

Intergenerational ties are increasingly important in a new family landscape still littered with challenges and pitfalls. A new roadmap is needed for modern families in an older Australia, with new role and even a new language. This workshop aims to bring together stakeholders representing families and older people, as well as older people themselves to identify and test practical approaches and solutions to some of the key challenges facing families in a time of social and demographic change.